Pre-Built Sets

Our 100,000 square foot campus is filled with pre-built sets and is fully customizable to anything your team can dream up. Our standing high school sets, including multiple unique classrooms and hallways, a 500-seat auditorium, full basketball gymnasium, computer lab, cafeteria, break room, and administrative offices are pre-built and ready to sport your school colors. Additionally, we have a full hospital wing complete with a true-to-life hospital hallway and multiple patient rooms. If your project requires constructed sets not currently available, the Studio also has an additional 25,000 square feet of customizable rooms available, as well as a 3,000 square foot insert sound stage.

Download our complete Set Gallery Lookbook here. 

Production Offices

Syracuse Studios boasts over 20,000 square feet of production offices, custom built and thoughtfully designed to serve the unique needs of film and television productions. Our offices are furnished throughout with Varidesk work stations to promote healthy and stimulating work spaces for your staff. Our wardrobe rooms are kitted out with both built in and rolling hanging racks. The art wing features a fully shelved prop room and soft goods storage room. With an additional 10,000 square feet of storage space and the studio’s newly added construction mill, your entire crew can be housed comfortably and conveniently under one roof.

Our state of the art post facilities allow our clients to take advantage of Central New York’s 45% post-production tax credit under the same roof as their production offices and key sets, allowing your creatives to stay connected in a rare and invaluable way.

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